Rough and artisanal language.
Imperfect and real, handmade appeal.

Artisanal, small batch glass with a higher purpose… Wildly Crafted is a community. We welcome the idea that imperfect in the manufacturing process is a good thing. It simply makes more economic and eco-sustainable sense to tolerate imperfection and reduce waste. We turned away from mass-production and perfectness to embrace the idea of small batch production just like the artisan, craft-makers who use our bottles.


Wildly Crafted is an INGREDIENT BRAND
that adds inherent value to any host brand

Wildly Crafted is a portfolio of bottles that speak to a new paradigm of glass packaging that appeals to the essence of the global “craft brands” movement. These attributes include small batches where imperfections are embraced for esthetic appeal and environmental sustainability benefits.


Join the movement that celebrates Craft and Artisan values in small batch